MaasRefinery is able to carry out below mentioned process steps to refine your oil at the desired quality specifications. 

Water or acid de-gumming and washing

  • Removing part of the gums from the crude oil, using water only
  • Removing gums to a very low level, using a citric acid solution


  • Removing color components, metal traces and other (pro-)oxidants from the oil, by adsorption on selected natural clay types
  • Bleaching, using acid-activated natural clay types


  • Removing volatile impurities from the oil, by steam treatment at moderate temperature and deep vacuum

Physical refining

  • Removing free fatty acids and other volatile impurities from the oil, by steam treatment at high temperature and deep vacuum


  • Controlled crystallization of natural waxes by cooling the product to low temperature and then removing the wax crystals by special filtration

Active carbon treatment

  • Removing polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) and dioxins from the oil, using the specific adsorption capabilities of active carbon

Mixing & blending

  • Controlled mixing and blending various oils in a nitrogen saturated atmosphere to protect the stability of the product(s)

Packing oils and fats

  • Loading oils and fats into road tankers or containers (bulk)
  • Filling oils and fats in steel drums, HDPE drums, (IBC)containers
Minimum batch size for these processes is 5,000 kg.


Transport & logistics

We offer several possibilities to deliver your products according your wishes and as efficient as possible. Our customers can choose from a wide variety of packing and transport options. Your oil can be filled in IBC’s or drums, but if required, you can also collect it in flexi-bags, iso-containers, or tank cars.

Transport & logistics